Description of the Sleeveless Mei Tai wrap T-shirt

The Sleeveless Mei Tai Wrap T-shirt is an elegant nursing garment that also allows you to "wear your baby" (carry your baby) skin-to-skin (kangaroo care) until about 14 lbs (6,5 kg) for the cotton/spandex jersey version  or until 18 lbs (8,5 kg) for the 100% organic coton jersey + cotton breezy gauze.

How to place your baby inside the garment:

1) Unbutton (regular style) or detach the string (Ultra-lightweight style) at the upper front to slide the baby inside with more ease.

2) Sit baby inside the front "pouch", letting out the legs on each side. If baby is very small, you can also let the legs inside, in fetal position. Always hold the head during the operation. Attach the top and place his/her head in order to be comfortable with an open airway.

3) Slide one wrap pannel under the opposite leg of the baby, making sure to support his/her bottom. Then do the same on the other side. Adjust the tension of the fabric to provide comfort and support to the baby. Through these panels, you can also bring the baby up slightly if the he/she is a little heavy or is very small.

4) After crossing the wrap pannel in the back, tie it at the front with a strong flat knot. The ideal height for the skin to skin kangaroo care? up to ... kissable!

Caution you must take when wearing the baby:

-Make sure the position is not too "relaxed" (too rounded back), and check if support is well spread from below the knee to the other.

-Always make sure the baby is breathing normally, the airway must never be obstructed.

-Pay attention to your new dimension, you must not get caught in the door frame with the baby!

-Don't sleep, don't do sports or cooking with baby inside the garment. Avoid any situation where a fall could occur.

-Make sure the garment is always in good condition. If a seam is about to open, discontinue the use of carrier and please contact us.




SIZE CHART (Most important measurement: bust. Least important: waist)

Customers comments:

The BEST tops ever! (Facebook)

Erin T. B., Toronto, Canada


The VERSATILE cardi-wrap: with Chimparoo label.

As its name suggests, this beautiful and trendy long sleeves (or short sleeves) cardi-wrap is versatile - and hybrid ... Can be worn skin-to-skin or over clothing, in many ways. Available in 4 different colors (gray, dark red, natural, black) easy to coordinate. Turns into "hands-free" baby carrier by adding a cummerbund over it. With reversible "premium" cummerbund, it can support a baby up to 10kg. Simply open the cross-over to breastfeed. Available in two sizes: Regular (S / M) and Extra (L / XL).


ACTUAL STOCKS (2013-01-20)

Sleeveless Mei Tai wrap T-shirt

White: L, XL (sizes XS, S, M will be available in few weeks)

Black-sand: XS, L, XL (sizes S, M coming soon)

Plum-sand: L (sizes XS, S, M, XL will be available in few weeks)

Ultra-Light Mei Tai Top

White: XS, S, M, L, XL

Black: XS, S, M, L, XL



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